The Band



Guillaume (Guitar/Vocals) - Since 01/2014

Robin (Bass/Vocals) - Since 01/2014

Rodo (Drums) - Since 06/2016


Musical genre


Progressive metal.




       First, Nebulizar was a studio project born in January 2014 by Robin (Bass/Vocals) and Guillaume (Guitar/Vocals).

At that time, the songs was inspired by space and nature, and music by modern metal with death metal parts.

It's in June 2016 that the band took a decisive turn with recruitment of a new member (Rodo/Drums), in order to perform on stage.

With this new line-up, Nebulizar took a new breath, and the vision of music changed.

From space and nature, lyrics often evolve toward the human soul.  The dark, mysterious and unspeakable side of our being, that's the way the band now followed. 

And new lyrics mean new song...

Almost naturally, the music became more and more progressive. Mixing various influences like trash, alternative music, while keeping his modern side.

No matter the codes, in the nebusphere everything mixes !


     A solid set-list completed, the time had come to defend the songs on stage. And after a first show in August 2017, gigs follow one another and the song perfecting.

Everythings was concretized by the recording of an EP called "Near Death Experience" in January 2018 in Sapristi Studio in Sedan (FR), and by a European tour called "Black Blood Tour" in Czech republic, Hungary, and France in March 2018.


To be continued...